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Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Winner Announcement.15 Lucky Winners of the Kim Beom's Facebook Event!

so excited to wait this announcment. and Finally!!!!!!!

Hello, guys!

First of all, thank you very much for your participation on Kim Beom's Facebook Event. It's been great going through all of your awesome comments!

As many of you have been waiting for some good news, we're excited to announce the 15 lucky winners of the event.

The 15 winners are as follows.

@Aira Minglana Baraceros, @Momo' Panic, @Kim Tumara, @Ida Beatrice Dy, @Yejung Ha, @Emily Heng, @Nurul Syazwani, @Monika Moon, @Rista Sang Figi, @Kay Suki Liang, @Michiyo Nakano, @Romelyn Tuazon, @Jelly Sun @Sara Alarcon, @Lentara Mambetshaeva

Congratulations, guys!

The winners will be contacted shortly through Facebook message to proceed with the shipment process of the prize! ^_^

Please understand us for taking time to deliver the prize due to internal process and also shipment process in the country you reside in.

Make sure to upload pictures of the prize on Kim Beom's Facebook Page when you receive. ^^

Thank you once again.

Have a great weekend

Notes: to Everybody who has Facebook's name Like that, please check your facebook now!!! and WE are KIM SANG BUM INTERNATIONAL TEAM says CONGRATULATION TO 15 THE WINNERS. CHUKKAE !!!

cre: Kim Beom's Fan Page


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