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Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

Kim Bum and miss A for EDWIN

Last month, we reported that Kim Bum and miss A would be teaming up to become EDWIN’s new models. Recently, their fall fashion pictorial was revealed.
On July 28th, casual brand EDWIN completed their 10 F/W season photoshoot. For this season the young and fresh miss A joined the dandy and modern Kim Bum to show various styles for many different lifestyles.

Kim Bum wore items that are expected to be trends this fall, from checkered shirts to leather jackets. For each outfit, he displayed unique poses and expressions that led the shoot.
On the other hand, miss A completed their first Korean commercial and showed a different appeal through EDWIN’s casual outfits.

miss A said,

“We were nervous because it was our first Korean CF shoot, however we were able to complete the shoot in a happy atmosphere. Expect to see a new image of miss A through the pictorial.”

The full commercial shoot will be revealed in early September.

source : ALLkpop

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