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Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Kim Bum @ International Film Festival

The RC Cola CF Part 2 with Kim Bum & Maja Salvador is out, and I heard what basically happened in the CF. Let’s wait for someone to record the CF and we can discuss all about it…

On the other hand, happy one million hits :)

Shanghai International Drama Festival

I stopped after hearing Kim Bum introduce himself in Chinese. Maybe that’s the extent of his speech.

There’s some photos floating around, you can check it out in the cut. I randomly selected a few. There’s not much there except Bummie standing there and looking pretty, lol.

source: bummso.wp

Kim Bum heads for Shanghai

Actor Kim Bum will be attending the International Drama Festival and International Film Festival held in Shanghai.

Today Kim Bum will be attending the closing ceremony of the International Drama Festival (7PM) and tomorrow’s International Film Festival’s red carpet (at 8PM).

Next week Kim Bum is holding fanmeetings in Taiwan and Shanghai.

Via Naver News The Korean news is a bit late on reporting this, considering he’s supposed to be there tonight. Usually they’re days or weeks ahead in reporting. From what I hear he should be arriving at 2:15PM China time.

I don’t know where the pictures came from. The media just used it. I assume it’s new

Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Kim Bum invited to TV and movie festival in Shanghai as VIP

Kim Bum has been invited to a TV and movie festival in Shanghai as a VIP guest, according to his agency King Kong Entertainment on Friday.

King Kong announced in a press release that the actor, who left for China today, will be attending the 16th annual Shanghai TV Festival tonight and the opening ceremony for the 13th bi-annual Shanghai International Film Festival on June 12.

“Kim Bum’s popularity in China has been increasing since his role in the hit series ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ He has been invited to present an award during the closing ceremony for the TV fest,” explained a rep from King Kong.

The rep added that Kim will also be walking the red carpet at the prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival over the weekend and will carry out various interviews with popular media outlets in the country during his stay.

The Shanghai International Film Festival, held from June 12 to 20, is one of the largest film fests in East Asia. The fest opens the world to China’s film industry, filmmakers and other events.

source : koreaupdates

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Kim Bum,Kim Yu-na,Song Joong Ki - Nike Football Energy Relay

credit: bumsso

Kim Bum endorses Nike

With the World Cup upon us, all the sports wear companies have kicked into high gear. Kim Bum is endorsing Nike, and showing his support for the World Cup.

credit: bumsso

Kim Bum & SON Eun Seo appointed Seoul International Youth Film Festival Ambassadors

on Eun Seo from “Whispering Corridor 5 – A Blood Pledge”, and Kim Bum from “Boys Over Flowers” come together.

The two have been appointed the ambassadors for the 12th Seoul International Youth Film Festival, and will appear for the press conference on the 8th at Lotte Hotel.

credit : bummso

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