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Kamis, 07 April 2011

Choi Min-soo confirms "Honorable baek dong-soo's drama", will Kim Bum join him?

A-list star and veteran actor Choi Min-soo (Road No.1, Father’s House) has officially signed on to upcoming manhwa-sageuk drama adaptation Honorable Baek Dong-soo, and meanwhile top contender for the leading role, Kim Bum (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry), is growing what suspiciously appears to be… is that… could it be… a MANE OF GLORY?

I think it is! Now WHYever would you be growing sageuk hair, Bummie? For fun? To make the noonas drool? Not that said goal isn’t an admirable one, to be sure. No complaints here. Not even if you grow Jang Geun-seok-hair. But perhaps your buddy Jung Il-woo‘s a better hair role model for you. Am TRYING not to picture the two of them sitting around, braiding each other’s hair … … … damnit. Too late. There goes my day.

Last week there were premature reports that Kim was nearly a done deal for the title role of Baek Dong-soo, only to have them be replaced with statements that he was simply “considering the role.” Now it looks like a few pieces of that initial story are being confirmed: for one, he’s growin’ the locks, and two, he seems to be workin’ out.

Well that’s what the story says, which I’ll just have to take their word for, until someone furnishes me with proof, say of the shirtless variety. If he really is spending time at the action school, (for martial arts training, not just for vanity’s sake) then I’d say it’s time to double down on him playing manhwa hero Baek Dong-soo. Either that or there’s some other Joseon-era sword-wielding rebel up for grabs.

At the helm are two PDs: Lee Hyun-jik (OB-GYN, Tazza), and Lee Myung-woo (Ja Myung-go). Casting is still in progress, and so far child actor Nam Ji-hyun (Giant), now sixteen, has also signed on.

It kind of makes me giggle to think of Kim Bum trying to be manly and heroic…standing next to Choi Min-soo (pffft) but maybe the veteran leading man will teach the up-and-comer a thing or two about being a hero?

cre: Star News 1, 2 via the WWSWTM

cre picture : as tagged


Rabu, 06 April 2011

Kim Bum has been doing diet since 5 months ago

Because of his long hair, handsomeness of an Actor kimbum seen as a man .

Recently, Kim Bum, who was rarely seen, appeared in public to attend a promotional event of a new automobile product at Jamsil area. (re: hyundai veloster)

His appearance this time looks different. Kim Bum comes with long hair and has attracted attention. And compared to some time ago, this time Kim Bum look thinner but still contained.

According to one representative from the agency of Kim Bum, King Kong Entertainment, has been almost 5 months ago since November 2010, Kim Bum diet program and weight training.

On April 5, today, one representative from King Kong to the starnews Ent states, "In five months, Kim Bum is more intense diet by eating foods such as chicken salad, especially salads and doing weight training every day. "

In the first half of this year, Kim Bum is rumored to be his comeback to the glass screen with a new drama. Apparently, viewers will find the appearance of Kim Bum as a "Namja / man" different from usual.
news source: star news via yahoo korea
photo: as tagged
indotrans: Rahmi @ bumssoindo
engtrans : KimSangBumInternationalteam

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