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Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Jung Il Woo talks about his friendship with Lee Min Ho & Kim Bum

On an episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” that aired earlier today, actor Jung Il Woo, whoappeared as a guest on the show on June 9th, discussed his close friendship with fellow actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum.

The reporter asked, “We heard that you, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Bum are all close with each other. When the three of you meet up, what do you guys usually do?” Jung Il Woo responded, “Since Lee Min Ho and I don’t drink, we go out to eat, drink coffee, and chat. We hang out at home too.”

When asked whether he felt any rivalry between him and Lee Min Ho, he answered, “I don’t pay any mind to that stuff. If a friend is working hard and doing well, it triggers emotions, but nothing like jealousy or envy. We really just support each other.”

The reporter persisted, “If you found yourself in a love triangle with Lee Min Ho, what would you do?” Lee Min Ho sensibly replied, “I would just talk it out with him.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Nate

via: AKP


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