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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Kim Bum - Japanese magazine "TV Guide"

Kim Beom in "Tv guide" Magazine March 4th 2011! If you live in Japan, you can buy it!. here's some pictures :

cre : Kim Bum DC

"Fashion Airport" Kim Bum with Ji Jin Hee, Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeon Bin

The artists show their performance even when they are in the airport. They can smile, waving his hand. Kim Bum look at Haneda airport, Japan. He just went to Japan to promote the drama, Woman Who Still Wants to Mary. And now that Kim Bum is a hot topic on the internet under the title "Kim Bum Fashion Airport".
Some of netizens commented:
"Ah .. he looks so handsome with sunglasses".
"His aura is shine."
"The man was very handsome.
" Kim Bum is known as a "fan of Black". it means he really likes the color black.
Looks at the airport with her style ranging from clothing to suit her sunglasses. Besides Kim Bum, also discusses how the appearance of Ji Jin Hee who enjoy a brown color with classic style. In addition, Yoo Seung Ho also seen at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand. This looks very young and fresh with jeans, jacket and orange shoes. Similarly, Hyeon Bin clothing styles that look so young and casual.
Here's another Kim Bum's picture was in Haneda Airport, Japan (February 18, 2011):

credit : Arts News

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Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

most handsome MALE SOUTH KOREAN ARTISTS in 2011 chosen by Netizen

Recently a Korean site to do surveys "male south korea artist of the most handsome 2011" chosen by netizens. The main actor "secret garden" HYUNBIN won this position and occupied the first position. Kim Hyun Joong was ranked second in popularity, which shows the strength populert idol. Hallyu star Song Seung Heon is not inferior to the others and was ranked third. And Kim Bum is on ranked 11.

Top 25 most handsome male South Korean artist chosen by netizens 2011:
1. Hyunbin
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Song Seung Heon
4. Kim Jae Joong
5. Jung il-woo
6. Yoo Ah-In
7. Park Yoo Chun
8. Lee Seung Gi
9. Lee Min Ho
10. Jang Geun Suk
11. Kim Bum
12. Song Joongki
13. Nickhun
14. Jung Yonghwa
15. Lee Hongki
16. Rain
17. Taecyeon
18. Bae Yong Jun
19. Kwon Sang-woo
20. So Ji-sub
21. Won Bin
22. Yoo Seung Ho
23. No Min Woo
24. Lee Junki
25. Choung Kyung Ho

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