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Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

Kim Bum Kim SoEun NEWS MBC

Kim Bum at Blue Dragon Movie Awards

[MV] Kim Bum - I'm going to meet her now (japanese version)

LG Telecom Teenring 30'

Boys Over Flowers Press Conference [Eng Subs]- KBS World

Kim Bum, Lee MinHo, Kim Joon, Kim Hyun Joon, HyeSun On TBS

Soulmates (Kim Beom & SoEun) making BODYGUARD CF

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KBS F4 Special - Kim Bum Playing Piano

Kim Bum

honestly, i don't like this video :(

Kim Bum Funny video

Kim Bum Dance

Kim Bum - Twinkle Light

Boom ft. Kim Bum - Boom Up (as a model)

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Kim Bum It's Skin CF 30sec


Kim Bum and Maja Salvador Behind the Scenes RC Cola

KIM BUM & KIM SO EUN ~Shattered

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Samsung Anycall CF

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Anycall Haptic Pop CF Ver. 2

Anycall Haptic Pop CF Ver. 1

100224 City Lovers - Kim Bum Interview

Kim Bum April 24, 2010 Interview

SoEulmates--Valentine Special

Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Anycall Haptic Pop Teaser - F3

BTS - Spris CF Kim Bum & Goh Ara

Kim Bum CF (Instan Noodle)

Kim Bum @ [CF]


Kim Bum video clip : Christmas Eve's Sky

translate :
Candlelight was flickering on your lips
It was so dazzling that I glanced away
I saw you being happy with someone
Out of the window, it was snowing silently

I brushed away the tears from your cheeks
And wrapped around your clear skin
With the warmth from my hands
I wont let you go even in a dream

Holy night
I can tell you tonight
Fall in love
I love you
Feel my heart
Its almost aching
Oh my love

Holy night
Wish my longing reach you
I pulled you closer and
Looked up at Christmas Eves sky
Holy night

Putting on a red nose, youre fooling around and laughing
I will protect you forever and ever
Your innocent smile and your sorrowful tears as well
Everything about you is dear and shining like a star

Holy night
From bottom of my heart
Fall in love
I love you
Feel my heart
Its like burning
Oh my love

Holy night
Lets stop the hands of a clock
We two snuggled up close
And looked up at Christmas Eves sky
Holy night

Even if time passes and we get older
We will walk together hand in hand

Holy night
Its more certain than words
Fall in love
I just look on your smiling face
Feel my heart
Its overflowing
Oh my love

Holy night
Its connected to our future
Lets look up at Christmas Eves sky
Holy night

I love you
Only you

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