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Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

giant ' OST Kim offense possibility, wishes chasing well “part 1 next part 2 confluence”

4th revealed singer Kim offense valence SBS month drama 'giant' theme song 'type ' announced round.

Kim offense possibility with last month drama start is burnt together in OST title musics and 'to call the vice ' leads a hot reaction in the viewers. Kim offense possibility continued at only one months and recorded a second time music.

The various name singer participates to one drama OST generally to the Kim offense possibility of being a usual in heat of part 1 to owe, at once is a case which records part 2. '50 giants' OST in work large river drama are the plan where the formation singers will participate plentifully even other than Kim offense possibility. The Kim offense possibility of coming out with the front-runner from the opening wishes chases well.

The sound which Kim offense veterinarian sorrowful one songs power and 56 artificial orchestras is magnificent harmonizes and 'the round type' sends the person whom loves and the hero tiger possibility and truthfulness is tantalizing love theme music with the fact that mind the man song.

Kim offense veterinarian power will release and but at this song where the voice which is lyric looks better the well-mated string music orchestra accords in resurgent wind atmosphere. The Kim offense possibility a during that time 'of leaving many heat music with OST emperors ' 'even from the giant ' is to become worse a lyricism and a heavy appearance in atmosphere in the pole.

OST production company persons concerned “which middle-aged viewer the player will confuse a tiger possibility and a singer Kim offense possibility and 'only this tiger valence smoke will do well and will decrease and to know is yellow but did well and ' praised ", revealed the episode which comes to hide.

Last 22nd was broadcast meantime 'from giant' 12 times the young enemy the steel wool which is three brothers and sisters who separate (this tiger possibility minute), the Holy Mother (Pak as a matter of minute when pushes) Americas (Hwang correct pronunciation minute) each other to make be overanxious, sought but grazed tantalizingly and passed by. Also the brain game which besieges subway bidding came to open, became worse an interest.

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Kim Bum’s new magazine shoot

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MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 7

MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 6

MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 5

MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 4

MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 3

MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 2

MOIRAI Mini-Drama episode 1

Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Kim Bum offense `elder brother birthdays ~ to congratulate '

From pawning of player emigration bid 20th afternoon 3:00 Seoul Kyung Hee University peace ' 2010, The Specialday With Minoz one day ' when is special does with Hu when pushes together; Held a fan meeting with the name which is. The emigration lake before with collection of data position had the press conference which is simple in fan meeting. The fan meeting queen good ring is empty was advanced today in the society. The fixed date right which is close and KBS 2TV ' Flower man ' Kim Bum offense who performs together rose to the stage with the guest. Also the seed under sincere regular staff window 2AM Yun Oh! etc did together. The emigration lake with the fans meets meantime even in August 20th work. Revealed that the [ttwi] holds the pink play concert from August 20th Seoul open space eastern Debye ton Walkerhill hotel [pe] park which holds. This concert is advanced in link of joyful toilet rack playing cultural campaign.

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Kim Bum offense “drinking capacity, Hu and the corner which push combining” drinks plentifully all of a sudden confession

Kim Bum offense player all of a sudden referred the drinking capacity of oneself. 21st SBS ' where is broadcast; Exhaustion the most infant molding machine good morning below from opened to the public emigration friendly fan meeting features. Emigration lake from pawning of last 20th Seoul Kyung Hee University peace ' 2010, The Specialday With Minoz one day ' when is special does with Hu when pushes together; Held a fan meeting with the name which is. To emigration friendly today fan meeting close fixed date right, Kim offense did together. Master of ceremony ring is empty " Who drinks the alcoholic beverage most well in three people? " Asked. Hereupon the emigration lake " Pan diatomic first " where drinks well; " Combining a corner and " where drinks plentifully; Exposed. Is a fact, the ring which confirms a yes or no is empty in question Kim offense " Combining the drinking capacity of two people " where eats a little plentifully; As there made be a wit and to make express the attention drew. Meantime today to emigration friendly fan meeting not only the Korean fan about 3,500 people fans to include the Japanese Chinese etc. overseas fans did together.

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