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Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Emigration lake 20th fan meeting holding `close fixed date right - Kim offense all of a sudden guest '

Holds an emigration bid 20th fan meeting. Emigration lake from pawning of 20th June 20th afternoon 3:00 Seoul Kyung Hee University peace ' 2010, The Specialday With Minoz one day ' when is special does with Hu when pushes together; Opens a fan meeting with the name which is. The fan meeting ring is empty today the fixed date right which is close in the society and KBS 2TV ' Flower man ' From Kim offense who performs together rises to the stage with the guest. Also the seed under sincere regular staff window 2AM Yun Oh! etc. does together. The emigration lake with the fans meets meantime even in August 20th work. Revealed that the [ttwi] holds the pink play concert from August 20th Walkerhill hotel [pe] park which holds. This concert is advanced in link of joyful toilet rack playing cultural campaign. Ends a drama and, the emigration lake who takes a rest with the fans meeting, a plan which will show the stage which is passionate is the plan which will have and 2NE1 ([thwu] child [ni] circles) as well is. [To news entertainment department]

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Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

Kim Bum Photoshoots - Fan-Meeting

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Magic VIP Premiere [Ku Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Joon]

star news - "Magic" VIP Premiere [Ku Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Jun, Sandara, etc.]

Kim Bum offense visits and cold current star extra prize. Is a phosphoric acid with the fans to do,

Kim Bum offense player rose to the surface toward the next generation cold current star. Kim Bum offense last 11th Korea China to leave damages after in drama system (STVF) closing of the curtain attending with the award person, next day 12th damages the international film festival opening ceremony red car stepped on. Damages to drama system closing of the curtain SMG where is a Chinese important medium, CCTV etc. participated with a sponsorship side. Kim offense Korea Taiwan which is famous ' where sells; Flower man ' Manufacturer difference of the Taiwan top which `meteor flower gardens ' (director king pit of the stomach and strong wind, the pulse unit will hang,) produces 1 which are and 2 side with dizzily was blessed with award the glory which does together. Kim offense the Hwang insect to award the Hwang insect () which is the very best drama actor leading role as a matter of prize winner ' In the human degree hour window as a matter of ' (person, director magnificence) got the glory of winning. Damages the international film festival opening ceremony red car from in order to see Kim offense was a phosphoric acid with the fans which are pushed into to do and accomplished. China puts out popularity with picket etc. of cause of death baptism and the fans which Hangul (Korean alphabet) comes to carve actual feeling. 2009 domestic the drama ' which is televised; Gains the popularity where the man (script of play Yun [lyen]/production electricity as a matter of) neutralization circle is bigger the flower the lead actors neutralization circle outing is one. But Kim Bum offense ' Flower man ' Various biased drama and movie after bell zero, etc. performs to CF this official schedule led with busy schedule and with the Chinese fans made meet initially. The assigned company persons concerned " This visit leads and grows the possibility of feeling the thing there is popularity from Kim criminal intent neutralization circle above of the expectation and” “this Chinese visit after that movie " where the love call is being joined together from drama and advertisement field; Said and the expectation feeling within shone about neutralization circle advance.

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Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Stars attend Goo Hye Sun’s Magic movie premiere

After much anticipation and delays, the VIP premiere for Goo Hye Sun’s movie, Magic was finally underway on June 16th, a week before the movie’s public opening.

There is much anticipation for the movie because Goo Hye Sun is not just acting in the movie, but also producing, directing and writing songs. This is also Goo Hye Sun’s first full-length movie after her successful short film, The Cheerful Caretaker last year. Magic focuses on young musicians in love.

A list of fellow stars attended the premiere which include 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Lee Young Ja, Park Ji Bin, Kim Joon, Choi Kang Hee, Gummy, Nam Sang Mi, Kim Bum, Lee Minho, Yang Hyun Suk among others. The movie will open from June 24th.

source : allkpop

Kim Sang Bum attending in ' Magic ' premiere

First time long work movie ' of Director player nine line; The magic '(director nine line/production YG entertainment) VIP previews were opened from June 16th afternoon 8:00 Seoul characteristic Eastern Europe CGV king ten. Last 2008 short film ' The helper ' who is pleasant; With Director nine lines which are recognized the yearly output with from director this movie ' Magic ' Leads and challenges in the first long work movie production, the preview, the poster which sees, from before opening calls the anxiety of the movie fans already with special poster opening to the public etc. and is getting up. With the first movie production of YG, entertainments 2010 filmdom rises in new subject and is a work which gets up the topic. Today 2NE1 where they are YG assigned entertainers lives Pak, spider etc. and player original American type present around etc. attended from suggestion meeting. Movie ' Magic ' The silver the art school gets wider with background and the young music competes with an passion, and with the image which is beautiful the love triangle which them is delicate June 24th with the work which with mysterious music draws opens about music of the field.

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Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Tudou Kim Bum Interview

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Part 5 :

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Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Kim Bum Intervies (translator) on SOHU

Q: The viewers “Boys Over Flowers” believe that the Soeul couple is really together. Do you think this is a possibility?
K: You mean in real life? I think in real life it’s not possible. In reality she’s my college classmate, and we often attend the same classes. Even before BoF we were good friends. Even now we often contact each other… just really good friends.

Q: You’re friends with Park Shin Hye and Kim So Eun, correct? Do you often meet privately with them?
K: Both of them are very busy. So Eun (I can’t tell whether he said So Eun-ah or So Eun-yang…) is filming a drama, and Shin Hye finished her drama not too long ago, so it’s hard to see them.

Q: What’s your ideal type?
K: Even though I don’t have an ideal type, but I tend to like the cute type who likes to aegyo a lot.

Aegyo is doing very cute gestures and being very cute/charming.

source : bumsso.wp/soeulindo

Sohu - Kim Bum Interview

Kim Bum @ Shanghai International Film Festival - Interview

RC FIREWORKS ft Kim Bum and Maja Salvador (Part 2)

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