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Jumat, 03 September 2010

Kim Bum only has 7 toenails?

Actor Kim Bum recently revealed that he lost two toenails, surprising many fans with his statement.

Kim Bum wrote on his Twitter, “Even though it rained a lot, I still went to play soccer~ I lost two toenails… I have 10 toes but only 7 toenails… ㅋ”.

A representative from Kim Bum’s management revealed, “After he took off his shoes, two toenails had fallen out. There is some discomfort, but there are no problems when he is exercising or carrying out daily activities.”

Kim Bum has been playing soccer since elementary school, and now he is on a team named ‘MEN‘ with Xiah Junsu, Kim Hyun Joong, and others.

Regarding this incident, netizens wrote,

‘You played soccer until your toenails fell out… I hope you recover quickly’
‘Be careful while playing soccer in the rain! Also be careful not to catch a cold’
‘You are a soccer maniac after all. Even though it’s good to see you working so hard, please take care of your health’

On the other hand, Kim Bum is set to star in the upcoming drama Haru with U-Know Yunho, Park Shi Hoo, Han Chae Young, Lee Da Hae, and Big Bang.

you must be careful Kim Bum ^^

source: allkpop

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