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Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Kim Bum Be Changed Modern Ken for GQ Korea

Kim Bum turned into a "dandy" men's lifestyle magazine "GQ Korea"

Previously Kim Bum has won the "Ken Award" in the "Barbie & Ken Award 2010" as the best depiction for Ken Korea with a glowing skin and a tiny face.

On 24 of The Star issued a photoshoot that tries to show the style of Ken's performances throughout the year, but in a modern twist. In Kim Bum shooting style wearing clothes "dandy" modern hair style James Dean.

A representative of GQ Korea stated that "Ken has a lot of the look that is always shown as good in his films. So we were inspired by him to illustrate a popular actor, Kim Bum ".

Kim Bum is currently reviewing for a new role.

Credit: allkpop, Chonsunonline, photo by star news
Indotrans: Rahmi @ bumssoindo

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