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Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

The Rising Star in China,kimbum, is winning over the philippines too

The cute actor has found his “dream” girl in the Philppines!

Kim Bum and the Philppines star Maja Salvador recently released a sequel to their hit RC Cola CF last year. In 2009, Bum and Maja displayed an innocent love affair while enjoying RC Cola. This time around, the handsome flower boy gets to kiss his lovely co-star after giving her a necklace. You wish you were Maja, right? Even though you can’t be her, you can watch the sweet love story unfold here and be happy for the “pretend” couple.

Kim Bum's fan_meeting in taiwan part 4

Kim Bum Fan-meeting in taiwan

Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

Kim Bum is a Star in China

The “Dream” star just had his dream come true in China.

Actor Kim Bum was invited to the television and motion picture festivals in Shanghai June 11-12th. Bum was no ordinary guest, the festivals invited him to be a special VIP guest! He left for China before the weekend and he was in attendance for both the 16th annual Shanghai TV Festival and the opening ceremony for the 13th bi-annual Shanghai International Film Festival. His management company,King Kong, stated, “Bum‘s popularity has grown in China since his role in “Boys over Flowers“. He held many interviews with the press and walked the red carpet at 16th annual Shanghai TV Festival. He also presented an award at the closing ceremony of the television festival.”

Apparently, there was room for this flower boy to bloom in the east. He has budded and bloomed into a rising star in China!

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Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Kim Bum mourns the death of Park Yong Ha

Tragically, the talented actor Park Yong Ha took his life yesterday, and today, various celebrities went to his funeral to pay their respects. May he rest in peace.

source: bumsso.wp

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