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Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Kim Bum appears back on the screen as Jung Woo Sung’s best friend in new TV series Bbadam Bbadam

Actor Kim Bum is to come back on the screen in Entertainment cable channel jTBC’s Bbadam Bbadam.

Kim Bum hah finished filming MBC TV series The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry on 2010 May, so it has been nearly a year and half since his last appearance on the screen. This year, he finally makes his reappearance and puts his fans in anticipation.

“Bbadam Bbadam” is a French expression for heartbeat, and its filming is being directed by Kim Kyu Tae and written by No Hee Kyung. It tells a love story between Yang Kang Cheol (Jung Woo Sung) an ex-prisoner who was incarcerated because of his friend’s conspiracy, and cheerful veterinarian Jung Ji Na (Han Ji Min). They meet by chance and fall in love.

Kim Bum plays the role of Lee Guk Soo, a close friend of Jung Woo Sung. They get to meet in the prison. Lee Guk Soo is a peculiar character who believes in himself to be an angel born human, and acts as Jung Woo Sung’s guardian angel.

Kim Bum said, “Bbadam Bbadam is being directed by Kim Kyu Tae, whom I personally like and respect, and I instantly fell in love with the story when I read the script. Thanks to having a great director, a thrilling story, interesting characters, and awesome co-actors and actresses, I am very much looking forward to start filming. Since my fans are out there having waited so long for my reappearance on the screen, I am going to do my best in making this story a story that will bring many joy and laughter to families who watch us.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment cable channel jTBC’s Bbadam Bbadam is on schedule to begin rehearsing on the start of September, and to air on the start of December.

Source: Hankyung from Nate via


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