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Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Kim Bum lends his charms for Biotherm Homme’s ‘T-Pur'

Kim Bum recently showed off his charms as the endorsement model for Biotherm Homme’s latest product, “T-Pur“.

Known for his pretty boy looks and milky-white skin, he played up his ‘dandy guy’ image for his photoshoot with Biotherm.

A representative commented, “He’s the epitome of ‘flower boy’ but recently underwent a subtle change that makes him look more masculine. He’s now become a man that men in their 20s want to resemble. The public already knew that he was an avid fan of this product, which instilled a sense of trust for our T-Pur’s abilities.”

Kim Bum is currently in discussions for his next project.

source: Newsen (via Nate), allkpop

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